A Break in My Week, Mountain Biking

Windser 29er

Windser 29er

I rush away from the downtown area hurrying for the big event.  Every Tuesday and Thursday it comes like an exotic vacation get away.  Like a release of all the days issues and problems.  I arrive home to prepare for the event.  I pack the cooler with refreshment and fruit for after the event.

I look at my event instrument and with the excitement of a little boy I strap it to my car. Almost ready now, one last fill of water and out the door.  The drive to the event is filled with anticipation and excitement.  I hope all the actors are there.  I hope the stage is good.

I wade through slow rush hour traffic that moves more like pond water than people wanting to get home or somewhere.  They did tell you that you where to actually drive here right.  There are other places to park you know, I say to myself.  Okay, calm down you’ll get there.  Don’t be a road raging fool.  Don’t get a ticket.

I finally drive through the gate and down the paths to the staging area.  All the players are there, great!  It’s going to be a great evening.  After the greeting and jokes, we head to the stage for the big event.  Ahh, tweedle dee and tweedle dum are on their way.  They’ll meet us at the four-way stop.

We start!  My heart jumps with excitement as we near the stage head.  One by one we break right… up into the paths, there’s constant chatter from all as we head deeper into the woods.  Deer scatter at our rumbling.  They dart across the paths heading for cover, we turn hard left right into their paths and they dart the opposite way.  We’re well on our way now,  my heart is pounding and I’m breathing pretty hard now.

We’re mountain biking.  The evening’s event is intensified by the presence of a rider who races mountain bikes.  He leads us on with speed and skill.  I try to match with no success… I fall behind.  I’ll catch up at the next stopping place.  The evening will end with total expenditure of energy.  From the explosive switchbacks to the long hills, I’m toast by the rides end.

Mountain biking McAllister Park, San Antonio, Texas

This is my first year mountain biking with a group and it’s definitely the way to go.  I can get a good workout riding by myself, but the group provides the comradery and in our case… challenge.  Running pales behind like an old love.  I still run, but mountain biking is now a favorite.  If you’re looking for an exercise that you may enjoy more than you’ll know then mountain biking may be for you.  One word of caution, if you live in a rocky area like we do here in south Texas, you’d better have full-suspension or pay the price.

The city of San Antonio has been working on a system of Greenway Trails that will eventually envelope the city.  As one of the initiatives to get San Antonio moving, this system of paved and dirt trails offers walking, skating, running, and biking activity for the whole family.  Once there is a way to get downtown off-road, I’ll be leaving my car at home.


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