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Welcome to, an open discussion about people getting their health on, maintaining it once it’s on, and a community to share your best health, nutrition, weight loss (maintenance), and fitness tips. What’s working for you? Comment, and or submit your best ideas to maintain a vibrant, healthy mind and body. Being the chief “ranter” here, I reserve the right to blog (even rant) about other topics of interest from time to time.

What can you get out of regular interaction on this blog?

You can change… even save your life from the discoveries we discuss here!

It has been a personal goal of my adult years to avoid preventable health issues.  It’s my new life’s goal to see preventable diseases eradicated for as many people as possible through what we do here and involvement with various local and national efforts.  My main diabolic culprit targets are obesitydiabetes, and coronary artery disease.  I’m counting on you to bring other health issues to the table for discussion, and weigh in on topics posted.

Why We’re Here

My name is Scott Carson and I am radically excited about health and chief blogger here at  Currently,  I make a comfortable living from the lack of health in other people.  I want to change that around, work my way out of this job.  I’m now more interested in making progress toward seeing more people get their health on and avoid totally preventable disease.

Healthcare (one wag calls it Sick-care) is a multibillion dollar industry with limited resources that are used up more today than even 10 years ago.  Why is that?  According to Jim Carroll, a trends and innovation expert, it’s partly because of the new treatments and diagnostics.  I agree with that assessment for healthcare resources, but for our purposes here, I prefer to focus on what the individual can do to avoid those expenses and thus diseases.

If you want to continue to eat cheeseburgers, french fries, and sit on your bum that’s your right.  However, if you don’t want to come see me in the  hospital then follow us on a personal journey to your best health.

Here at Healthy Rant, through collaborative effort, want to assist you to achieve your best health.  We recommend that you have regular check-ups at your doctors or healthcare practitioner to have the appropriate blood work done to see where you stand as far as the relevant indicators of healthy blood.

You should know how your current plan for health and well being is working.  How well am I eating?  How is my exercise or activity helping me?  Many of the answers are in the blood.  Once you find out, we have some recommendations.  We’re also confident that there is a community of like-minded people that have input for you as well.

I’ve worked in the Healthcare field for over 25 years.  What pays my bills currently?  I work in the Heart and Vascular labs of a Hospital surrounding San Antonio, Texas.  We diagnose and treat coronary artery (CAD) and  peripheral vascular disease (PVD) as our main service plus a host of diagnostic and interventional procedures on varies maladies, cancers and blood vessel abnormalities.

In my adult years, I have always been interested in and followed what I believed to be the best plan for my own health, but only shared with folks who asked… and they do ask.  It was my heart that brought me to this point of my life.  I just felt compelled to write about what I see as the answers to  what to do about the deterioration and destruction of a people, i.e. preventable diseases.

Specifically, over the last 20 years I’ve watched people eat, and sit their way into obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  These “train wrecks” in waiting, mostly obese,  type 2, (many totally preventable mind you) diabetics lose mobility, limbs, and ultimately their lives.  It’s not even so much that they lose their lives, it’s the quality of life while their going down.  Total misery and suffering.

NOTE: Before you write, I understand that all diabetes is not the result of obesity, but obesity is the breeding ground for loss, disease and early death.  Save yourself!

It was one particular procedure that I was involved with that was my breaking point which gave me the idea to get involved in this way by blogging about health issues.  We were performing what is called an AIF which stands for aortoiliofemoral  with run-off.  This is an angiography or x-rays of the blood vessels of the legs.

For our patient that day it was the remaining leg we were going to take pictures of.  The patient, a male, had already lost his other leg to Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) due to the effects of diabetes.  He looked up at me from the exam table, crying he said, “I don’t want to lose my other leg”.  I wanted to cry with him and in my heart I did.

That case and many like it has brought me here.  So, I come here to shout from the roof tops, “SAVE YOURSELVES“!  Many of the diseases we see today are totally preventable and in more cases than not, even reversible.  We’ve seen heart disease, diabetes and obesity reversed without medication or radical surgeries.

Live out your years full of life and vitality, not suffering and deteriorating like bad fruit.

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