Lives Changed

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”― Hippocrates

Along the course life there are those folks who undergo great and impressive changes that inspire the rest of humanity.  This section is dedicated to these pioneers, renegades, all around life hackers.  We are inspired by success in the area of our health, fitness, and nutrition for varied reasons.  Some, like my Dad, after being diagnosed with 4th stage bladder cancer, was healed through alternative medicine.  He was so changed that he left a 45 plus year banking career to work in the alternative medicine field promoting similar therapies.  Some folks literally at the tipping point of metabolic syndrome, here in South Texas, one doctor called it “metabolic cancer”, turn their lives around.  Others, with just the beginnings of health problems due to lack of maintenance, gain health through, weight loss, metabolic changes, and general well-being.  The bottom line, these stories encourage us to desire change for ourselves.  We want the same benefits… well-being, improved metabolic process, all the way up to saving our lives.

No matter where you find yourself along this continuum, it is our hope that you find encouragement here with these shinning stars.

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